As of right now, we are only looking for fiction and non-fiction books. Other submissions will be opening as we grow.

Section 31 Productions is always open to both new and established creators from any perspective. We are most interested in creative voices that bring their unique viewpoints to crazy, kick-ass concepts.


We are looking for extreme horror, bizarro, and comedy novellas/novels that are based around high-concepts with great characters, strong plots, and crazy action. They should be books that as soon as one hears what they are about they say, “Wow, I gotta check this out!”

Some of the things we dig – Troma, The Twilight Zone, The Dead Kennedys, South Park, John Waters, Grant Morrison, Tales from the Crypt, Richard Matheson, In the Company of Wolves, Adult Swim, The Human Centipede, David Wong, Vertigo Comics, Clive Barker, Leftover Crack, The Evil Dead, Robert Anton Wilson, and that drunk chick on the street corner at 3am screaming punk rock songs with abandon into the night sky.

Send us some good shit like that stuff.

We are NOT interested in – young adult fiction, zombies, abstract shit that never makes sense, poetry, vampires, pastiches, literary stories about characters who essentially do nothing but feel bad for themselves, and short story collections.


We are interested in anything that appeals to the inquisitive, adventurous, and morbid mind.

Including but not at all limited to radical alternative politics, true crime, occultism, movie/TV/video game analysis, histories of transgressive art movements, conspiracies, pop culture deconstruction, creative looks at the ramifications of our current world, war crimes, and how-to’s for the arts in any medium.

Really we mean cool shit that appeals to underground art enthusiasts, counter-culture activists, and nerdy weirdos.

We are NOT interested in – manifestos, rants, or autobiographies about life in a small town.


We are looking for manuscripts from 20,000 to 120,000 words. So we’re open to the super short to the really long. We just want to see your cool shit!

Email your submission to

Include an author bio and a 3-5 sentence pitch description of the book to get our attention and make us care. Seriously, we get a lot of submissions – make sure to tell us why we should give a fuck about your book.

As an attachment, include a one-page synopsis describing the entire book, yes, we even mean the ending. You want this to sound cool. Sounding boring means we probably won’t look at the manuscript. Come on, you wrote a book that made you excited, make us excited before we even start reading!

Don’t forget to attach the manuscript in rich text or doc format. And make it in Times New Roman or Arial 12pt font. We don’t want to wade through any crazy fronts.

Your author name, email address, book title and word count should appear on the first page of your manuscript. All subsequent pages should have your name, title, and page number in the header.

Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions are cool. If your manuscript is accepted somewhere else before we respond – congrats, and let us know.

If you really fuck-up these guidelines, we may just straight-up reject you without looking at the book. Don’t fuck them up!

How does the money work?
You get 50% of net revenue of both print and digital sales.

Info on the rights we are asking:
Our contract covers the rights to publish your work in paperback and ebook formats, worldwide, in English. All other rights (e.g. audiobook, film, hardcover) are retained by the creator.

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