About Section 31 Productions

Section 31 Productions is producing work that directly takes the audience head-on with anger, adventure, disgust, horror, laughter, absurdity, and intelligence. We are dedicated to producing unorthodox, imaginative, and just-plain fucking fun works from a diverse group of creators in a variety of mediums and styles that will always leave an impact.

Exploring extreme horror, bizarro, comedy, and non-fiction – each release is designed to directly confront the audience with the thrilling, uncomfortable, obscene, hilarious, and fascinating truths and fantasies of the world around them.

The world is not a safe or kind place. Section 31 Productions is extreme art for extreme times.


Jeff Burk is the former head editor of Eraserhead Press’ horror imprint, Deadite Press. There he oversaw the release of over one hundred books of extreme, weird, and humorous horror. He assisted in an additional over fifty projects on various levels of behind the scenes production related to horror, bizarro, satire, and surrealism.

He is also the author of the cult hit SHANTERQUAKE among numerous other books, short stories, articles, essays, and interviews. He has been an official guest and performance artist at BizarroCon, the World Horror Convention, KillerCon, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Shore Leave, Crypticon, and too many tiny bars and artist collectives to name.

He likes kitties, comic books, and staying up way too late at night. Click to go to his site.

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